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Jan 2, 2013 10:30am PST
>> canada's idle more movement gathers momentum. is the group being targeted by steven harper's government? you are watching "inside story" from washington. >> it began as a small social media campaign armed with little more than a hash tag and a cause. canada's idle more has grown into a large indigenous movement with protests at ceremonial gathering held in many major cities. the group is spearheaded by teresa spence, leader of a small native band in northern ontario. she is 22 days into a hunger strike on victoria ireland -- victoria island just across from the canadian parliament. other groups are demanding better living conditions for canada's aboriginal and they're angry at the government of prime minister steven harper which they accused of trying to revoke their land and sovereignty rights. >> in swirling snow late last month, they converged on canada's parliament in what became the largest gathering so far in the idle more movement. began with four aboriginal women and a twitter-tag. it has grown into nationwide protests like this flash mob in toronto that brought tho
Jan 2, 2013 9:30am PST
, next. >>> canada gets a lot of snow, it only makes sense they came up with an efficient way to get rid of it. >> it's like an assembly line of trucks. >> see how this assembly line of snow-removal works on "right this minute." [ male announcer ] subway has so many heart-healthy and delicious meals certified by the american heart association. look for the heart check on your favorite subway fresh fit meals, from the tempting turkey breast & black forest ham with spinach to the protein-rich roast beef, and more. all five grams of fat or less. try 'em with juicy, ripe tomatoes, cool cucumbers or crisp green peppers. start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. >>> if you're a fan of base jumping, there's nothing better than this one, rapid-fire base jumping. at an event in september, it was hosted for base jumpers to jump as much as they wanted. in three days, 2200 jumps were completed off this tower. 91 base jumpers from 17 countries jumped. over and over and over again. >> that looks amazing. >> and this if you're a base jumpe
Comedy Central
Jan 9, 2013 11:00pm PST
city of detroit. they are trying trying to builda billion dollar bridge to canada even though they have the ambassador bridge. fortunately detroiters of all walks are taking a stand. soccer moms. >> detroit does not need another bridge. >> tea partyers. >> it's not just detroit it's michigan tasms. >> even the black panthers. we don't need a new bridge. we need to spend money on feeding the needy. no second bridge period. we don't need it, we don't want it. >> mo bridges, mo problems, am i right? no. canada is acting like it makes fiscal sense for the u.s. >> the old bridge won't last forever. we don't know how long it's going to last. two million u.s. jobs alone depend on the trade that that bridge carries. >> but you realize this is not the time for american taxpayers to be forced to pay for a new bridge. >> they are not forced to pay for a new bridge. canada is page for the bridge. >> that's right. people of michigan are going to have to pay for the entire -- wait, what did he say? >> michigan will pay nothing for this bridge. >> define nothing. >> zero dollars, zero risk, zero liabi
FOX Business
Jan 20, 2013 2:00am EST
. for the one size fits all approach, it is costly. we don't have the same demographics as britain and canada. even the health care costs rise dramatically in those countries. and this bill which i read is saying that they would pay out increasing taxpayer funds to increase coverage. you can imagine the costs for this bill would go up dramatically. >> rick, isn't this really what the president's intention was to go to a single payer system? >> frankly i wish it were, but i don't think it was. >> hold on a second. he did say that at one point. i believe we have the tape of him saying that in 2003. let's roll the tape. >> i happen to be a proponent of the universal health care plan. >> there he said it. i am in favor of a single payer universal health care plan. >> what is relevant was in 2003 he was in fact in favor of it. to tell you the truth i think secretly the president is in favor of it. sadly it is no where near where we got in the affordable care act. >> we are moving toward it. that's the point of the congressman. >> first of all what the congressman has propose said not full blown na
Jan 29, 2013 11:00pm PST
consulados para ayudar a la gente, se extiende a canada. >> se llevara a juicio al militar de 86 años, el magistrado apelo a 16 casos, de matar mas de 1000 indigenas en 1982 y 1983 en guatemala. >> un video, de hermano narco, perdona a los asesinos de sus padres y abraza a los asesinos. la iglesia revelar 12 videos mas. >> en la capital de méxico es cochimilco. >> tienen cambios y es segunda parte de méxico magico!. >> aquí se escuha mariachi!, norteño!, hasta el gran guapango!. es lo que les pidan y apetesca y comer de todo en chochimilco, las pesadillas, a lo que se le antoje por que aquí lo encuentran, los turistas llegan a divertirse, cambio mucho pero es un punto obligado para visitar. >> esperan ver portadas de flor natural, pero ahora no por que es caro. >> nada es igual, ni el lago. >> se puso peor, ahora es sucio, la gente que vive aquí tiran la basura o no hacen sus cosas, echan agua al canal. >> carolina vive en una isla en chinampa y quieren proclamar por la unesco patrimonio de la humanidad en 1987, sin embargo se hace todo lo posible para evitar la degradacion del luga
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am EST
like to be a russian czar. we will step inside the kremlin. thousands of natives in canada have staged protests over a treaty disputes and things that weaken environmental oversight. hundreds of people slowed traffic on a bridge linking ontario province with the united states. demonstrations have been held in at least six provinces. now this report. >> native protesters marched and danced peaceful in the canadian capital ottawa and all across canada, supporters talked to the streets. one of the largest demonstrations was at the ambassador bridge which links the city of windsor with detroit, michigan. protesters slowdown traffic between canada and the united states on its busiest border crossing. the goods that trouble over this bridge represent about a quarter of all trade between the two countries. the demonstrations under the banner of idle no more began two months ago to protest living conditions on reservations and to defend treaty rights signed with the british crown in the 19th century. crowds stopped traffic in toronto, canada's largest city and the financial center. protesters
FOX Business
Jan 16, 2013 3:00pm EST
names and a fox business exclusive. we will find out why he is saying oh, canada. liz: a market check right now. the battle of the heads. the hedge fund battle. the stock is done now. it has been pretty volatile since the news broke that tenants before 3:00 p.m. eastern. charlie gasparino like you guys on this last week. he was all over saying that icon is entering into the fray. they reported that about an hour ago. adding another layer to the hedge fund morning. taking a position, carl icahn, he says that his state is about a billion calling herbalife if your mid-scheme. taking the other side of that trade, he went long. were you one of those people that got ranted at the end of the year due to the fiscal cliff? you ditched your stocks and your sherbet? it may be time to re-examine. jay bowen joins me now from bowen hanes. but even? >> we think it's important to let global company is how dividends. global gdp should expand as what we think quite a bit faster than u.s. gdp. japan has been saying if you can find those companies it's not just emerging markets. something like 100 countr
Jan 29, 2013 7:00am EST
the revolutionary war and the civil war. and you know that we won it, right? well, if you go up north to canada, they say that they won it. and honestly, i didn't even know that canada was in it. every year on louisiana's battlefield, the battle of new orleans is commemorated. many view the american victory here as the end to the war of 1812, a sprawling three-year conflict that once and for all freed the u.s. from the shackles of great britain. the british had been interfering with american trade. months before this battle, the british burned down the white house. >> fire! >> reporter: but the stars and stripes would survive the perilous fight at the battle of baltimore inspiring francis scott key to write "the star spangled banner." ♪ o say can you see >> reporter: so the british were the ones who started this all, right? we were under attack essentially? >> we awe ourselves as that. -- we saw ourselves as that. some senators were looking for an excuse to invade canada. they're saying, well, the british seizing american ships, sailors, that gives us a right to declare war. let's go to war a
Jan 11, 2013 8:30am PST
mentioned earlier the sensation of going to canada and what it felt like to be in that place in canada and in other opportunities to be in that land in ireland. i wonder if you can reflect and margaret as well, what were the physical experiences you were having and what was the importance ever going to the place by way of informing your story? >> i don't know if anybody seen there is a series on now on called african-american lives? >> yeah. >> and it remindses me so much of my experience and some of the things that were said that rang through for me are things like, if we don't know where we come from we don't know that we are somebody. it's like, the effects of colonization when -- when our story is taken from us. in when our language is taken and we are disoriented and we come to a new country, we are not literate, it's a way to keep people oppressed. so, part of reclaiming ourselves as irish americans and having the biggest life possible means knowing everything there is to know about ourselves and our people. >> i will talk briefly about the going to saint john i set that trip
Jan 10, 2013 4:30am EST
and japan and canada. americans die from drugs, stds or other things. however, the americans fell better in cancer rates and cholesterol control. >>> in colorado, the preliminary hearing for james holmes has ended after the ramp camp that left 12 people ted and 15 wounds. prosecutors displayed images that he took before the shooting. >> reporter: are a last-minute surprise. james holmes' defense team bowed out from presenting evidence or calling witnesses who could speak to the suspect's mental state. the abrupt hearing comes after two days of compelling prosecution evidence. cell phone evidence that he took himself of the shootings. one by dyed red share, sticking his tongue at the camera. another smiling at the muzzle of the glock handgun in the frame. >> he had black eyeglasses on and he looked evil. he sat in the courtroom pretty much delighted. >> reporter: after hearing the evidence of the 31 gunshots during the 20-second call. investigators outlined how holmes spent weeks preparing for the attack. preordering his movie tickets and bobby trapping his apartment with explosives to dr
Jan 18, 2013 6:00pm EST
, a cold front come sweeping out canada. -- sweeping out of canada. 15 below zero. big trout lake ontario. we will get a piece of the arctic air mass. these purples show you were the core of the arctic air masses. that cold air coming across the relatively warm waters and great lakes will generate numerous snow showers up near the great lakes. tomorrow, mild they would set aside. sunday, cold front. sunny skies, one day warm up tomorrow. near 50 degrees. mountains should hit the 40's tomorrow. temperatures falling sunday into monday. probably will go below zero next week. 45 sunday. along the coast, a lot of sunshine. if you're going to the patriots ravens game, winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. 45 sunday. highs only in the 20's on tuesday and wednesday. >> this is 11 sports. >> members of the ravens got start of said to me, it is up to the players now. -- startoff said to me, it is up tot h the players now. against the new england patriots, a chance to play indoors at super bowl. all taking part in the sendoff pep rally for the ravens. all kinds of people with superstition say that wi
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
. look at this cold air. parts of northern canada, 30 below zero. very cold air that is brewing in canada, which is going to push south and clipped us in washington. by monday, tuesday wednesday. the majority of next week is looking rather chilly. not so bad across -- minneapolis, 38, 36 in washington. right on this baby blue band, temperatures in the 20's. tuesday, but could be talking high temperatures in the upper 20's. by far the coldest air so far this season. morning low temperatures tuesday, wednesday possibly thursday in the teens. we have clear conditions. all around the metro, upper 30's. here is a quick look at your seven-day forecast. 20's to the weekend. 40's over the weekend. there is that plummets, near 30 on tuesday and wednesday. >> we look forward to that. also coming up, from wedding day course stories to the growing trend of grommzillas. ♪ ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport
Jan 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
, he has won 40 titles. he is still playing at the age of 82. he is a tennis player from canada who refuses to leave the court. we met up with the veteran in toronto. >> how old are you? 25? i guess i got a couple years on you. >> he rarely misses a chance to smack a tennis ball. often with an opponent less than a third of his age. he has even played a bit with canada's leading prospect of the moment from toronto. not many of his strokes miss their mark in the senior professional tournament he has been playing for more than 20 years. he has won 40 titles since the turn 60. a marathon career in tennis began in the 1940's on canada's west coast. >> i am holding the trophy, and an old wooden racket, and i fast-forward to 2012, in paris, that is when they gave me the first scene your award -- senior award for a tennis player. >> that recognition is the most treasured honor, along with his singles victory in 1924 -- 1934. next year he will play in austria, and he is off to australia soon to see his 62- year-old girlfriend. >> i never let today's go -- two days ago. you hit the racket. yo
Jan 19, 2013 9:00am EST
extremely cold air in canada with the some what cold air that we have. this is the high pressure giving us the good weather now. eventually these disturbances are going to be pulled further south. that's where the jet stream is winding down. the jet stream is low it will be riding a little lower. there's a disturbance coming in from the pacific northwest. these colder temperatures get pulled down, too. this will take several days to happen but it's coming. today not bad, though. 47 to 51. southwest winds bringing the temperatures up from yesterday. we will be above normal. a little breezy. winds gusting to 30. 2 to 3 foot chop on the open waters in the bay. one of those is a little further south sunday into monday. that's where we pick up a chance for snow shower activity and eventually colder temperatures. around 50 today. 40s sunday. 30s monday and 20s on tuesday. monday and tuesday some snow showers. >> hopefully with the super bowl the baltimore orioles are clearing up for spring training. players and coaches will be on hand today for this year's fanfest. we are live in the convention
Jan 24, 2013 11:00pm EST
the five-year gap? there's a gap of five years in your records. i ran away to canada to start a new life. and how was your new life in canada? depressingly similar to the old one. (applause) crowd: bravo! bravo! (crowd chattering) i've no idea what you're going to write about us, and this is not to be construed as a bribe but we're all going for a drink at prospero's bar. i wouldn't miss it for the world. brilliant. you are coming to prospero's, aren't you, phil? yeah, if somebody else is paying. professor alderson? um, will denise be there? she's meeting us there. i'm not sure i'm grown-up enough. come on... (loud chatter) bit of a topper? everyone... first of all thank you for a wonderful performance under difficult circumstances. (applause) but before we do anything else i'd like to propose a toast. to our dear, departed richard scott. may he rest in peace. peace would be a new experience for him. to richard. all: to richard. (cell phone chimes) well, well. another front-page story on the way? trust me, this one will run and run. (loud vacuuming) hathaway: simon mo
FOX News
Jan 5, 2013 11:00pm PST
. if you don't want them and we don't want it back, is canada an option? >> canada is actually considered a commonwealth. i believe the queen is still the figure head of canada. check wick caw peaked yaw. >> maybe it is an option. i think you should. >> in canada there is the human rights commission where anything that is considered rude is illegal. for example hundreds of thousands of dollars defending the fact that he reports to the muslim captain. that sounds like pier's idea of paradise. >> you might be right. michael, does this surprise you that they don't want him back considering how arrogant he seems when he speaks? he is like a british version of mike baker. >> and i still have my dual citizenship. >> you were born in eveningnd la, weren't ?u. >> i was. >> i lost my train of thought now. i don't want him here in the u.s. i president do want him there in the mother country. so canada, yes, pew -- puerto rico. >> it is like a north american israel. it is where you go when there is an unforts gnat -- unfortunate event and you want to make things better. >> do you ever see these peti
Jan 5, 2013 8:00am EST
to the heart of alberta, canada, and the city of calgary. when it comes to offering luxury on the rails, royal canadian pacific is considered one of the finest experiences in the world. a journey on this train is about leaving the world of everyday life behind and relaxing, revitalizing in an environment of lavish rail luxury and beautiful scenery. it all begins inside the historic canadian pacific train station in downtown calgary, where the royal canadian pacific throws a reception for guests who arrive from around the world to savor what's ahead. >> we're looking forward to the overall experience. it's like, you look at these cars, it's like stepping back into history. and then in addition to that you've got tremendous food tremendous wine, and the most fascinating passengers that you'd ever meet. >> holt: the royal canadian staff of 15 greets the guests, who in turn meet each other. a nice icebreaker for more than 40 people about to spend five nights and six days together in railroad wonderland. >> here at royal canadian pacific, our goal is to make sure that when guests come onboard, thei
FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 8:00am PST
, we don't have the same demographics as britain or canada can those health care rises . this bill which i read, saying they would pay out increasing taxpayer funds to incoverage. the cost of the bill would go up dramatically. >> isn't this the president's intention to go to a single payer health care system. >> no, i wish it were but i don't believe it. >> hold ohe did say that. i believe we have a tape of him saying that back in 2003, let's roll the tape. >> i am a promoter of single payer health care. >> [applause] >> there he said it. >> i am in fair of a single health care. >> it was 2003 when he was in favor of it. i think secretly the president is in favor television but sadly no where near what we got. >> that is what we are moving forward. >> what the congresswoman proposed is not full blown health care. >> it is number two. it is never going to happen. we should all recognize because she is the only one proposing it through congress . if it happens, it would save 100 billion over 10 years because it would reduce the amount of subidies . so if you are trully a deficit bust
Jan 29, 2013 7:00pm PST
-kosan announced it will build a liquefied natural gas plant in canada with altagas. executives at idemitsu said tuesday the two firms agreed to form a joint venture. the new plant will be built on the west coast of canada. they plan to start shipping 2 million tons of lng annually to japan and other countries as early as in 2017. the executives say the lng will have a price advantage as it will be produced at canadian market prices. shipping costs will be lower because of geographical closeness compared with sourcing from the middle east and the u.s. east coast. demand for lng has been rising in japan since the nuclear accident in fukushima. that's because it's the main fuel used for thermal power generation. >>> let's get a check on market prices now. tokyo stock prices are trading higher. an overnight rise in new york is raising expectations for a u.s. economic recovery. the nikkei average at 10,952 at the moment, up .8%. many investors are buying export-related shares. they're anticipating a further decline in the yen against other currencies. well, let's take a look. on the tokyo foreign ex
Jan 15, 2013 2:00am PST
and from canada and switzerland. some people even send money. most say "bravo. keep it up." >> the archdiocese is not talking to the media. the priest says he feels the fraternity went behind his back and feels that the rift between christians and muslims in france will only be worsened by the group's campaign. >> i disagree strongly with using slogans like that to raise money. i am bitter about it coming to this. >> the local muslim community is disappointed. this lawyer did not expect this kind of response. he says it would be possible to convert a church into a mosque because the building would not have to remain a mosque for all eternity. >> i thought religion was supposed to promote peace. how could they stoop so low end use insults like that? they sped in your face just because you are a muslim. you are treated like a terrorist. it is regrettable. >> the fraternity of st. aloysius has been given six months to raise the money to buy the church, and the chances are good that they will succeed, but they should not expect help from the parish priest. >> germany is in the
Jan 22, 2013 6:00am PST
windchill for much of the northeast and central canada. let's take a look at temperatures. not much in the way of precipitation coming around. we're looking at summerlike temperatures creeping up the west coast and then dangerous wind chill for much of the northeast and central canada. let's take a look at those temperatures. minus 10 in toronto. minus 12 in claug. win peg, minus 21. remember, these are the highs. hypothermia and frostbite are very real concerns. then on the other side of the jet stream, 19 degrees in houston. 27 in los angeles, and even up to 16 degrees in denver. let's go now to where that's decidedly wintry, europe, talking about the snow pretty much for the last several days. i'll show you video coming from northern spain, you can see what's happening here. persistent snowfall spread novillas, spain. forcing several residents to leave their home. it spilled into wide swaths of farmland. the winter storm claimed three lives. low-lying areas on the river continue to flood. snow covers the upper elevations, making travel dangerous. i want to show you the situation
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
trend is here into the northeast portions of the u.s. and eastern canada. we have a storm system pushing through. that is bringing freezing rain, either winter weather advisory expected as it does push off towards new england. behind it, that's when it is going to start to warm up. we have this system here. that's bringing some snowfall across portions of the rockies for right now. but as this starts to work its way towards the east, it's going to be pulling in that warm air from the south. going to be seeing that across much of the southeast. temperatures warming up. but then things will be on the change here. that jet stream starts to migrate towards the east with that low pressure area, cold air is going to plunge in out of canada. a battle area is setting up across the mississippi valley. you're going to see severe weather. temperatures will drop right off as that cold arctic air mass starts to come down. win peg, just minus six on monday. well, it's going to get colder. minus 20 going into thursday. chicago, ahead of that front, you're going to be seeing that warmup that we're talki
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am PST
and japan and canada. americans die younger from obesity, drugs, stds or other diseases and are more likely to be murdered or killed in a car crash. even wealthy americans with health insurance fell short. however, the u.s. fares better with cancer death rates and cholesterol control. >>> prosecutors presented disturbing images of james holmes just before the shooting that killed 12 and wounded 58. leanne gregg reports from century ten y'all. >> reporter: a last-minute surprise. james holmes' defense team bowed out from presenting evidence or calling witnesses who could speak to the suspect's mental state. the abrupt ending to the hearing comes after three days of compelling prosecution evidence. cell phone pictures holmes took of himself hours before the shootings. one with dyer red hair, black contact lenses and sticking his tongue at the camera. another smiling at the muzzle of the glock handgun in the frame. >> he had black eyeglasses on and he looked evil. he just sat in the courtroom pretty much delighted. >>> at the hearing evidence of the 31 gunshots during the 20-second call. inves
Jan 12, 2013 5:30pm PST
itself over the western part of the country and that's allowed some very cold air from canada to move southward. >> reporter: snow in new mexico made it look more like new york. that is if new york wasn't close to 50 today. in the east, many places were near record highs. in d.c. it was warm enough for shirtless beach volleyball. orlando was extra hot, even by florida standards. talk about upside down weather. on sunday, highs will be 57 in san diego, and one degree warmer in philadelphia. and flagstaff, arizona, will be exactly the same temperature as green bay, wisconsin. just 21 degrees. forecasters say more seasonal weather should return next week. already snow is being measured in feet in parts of utah. while the system that brought blizzard conditions to the dakotas is now headed east. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, los angeles. >>> we're not only seeing unusual weather, but some severe weather across the country too. in livingston county, kentucky, a possible tornado leveled a church and brought severe thunderstorms to the area. dr. greg forbes is the weather channel's severe weat
Jan 18, 2013 4:00am PST
of the deep south. all the cold, cold air is bottled up into canada, barely clipping the great lakes and northeast. we'll go through a little bit of a pattern change. it won't get worse for the west. it should get a little bit warmer as the jet stream goes well to the north over the tail end of the weekend into next week and the eastern half of the country will have this big cold outbreak, the coldest air of the season. some of the coldest ire in the northern hem steer is coming down from canada and dipping down to the great lakes. we still have high pressure. these cold clear snow packs. chilly morning in boise northern portions of nevada, vegas is chilly at 37. this high pressure system hasn't allowed the air to change. we have the air stagnation warnings in many areas from washington state down the oregon. besides the poor air quality you should see a decent amount of sunshine nearly 80 degrees in l.a., phoenix at 74. beautiful through much of the southwest. thatbe careful of freezing fog possible before 9:00 a.m. in the west. >> as far as rain chances go, none coming for a while.
Jan 11, 2013 11:00pm PST
to be in. >> these friends just flew in from alberta. that's canada, eh? this fan is also from canada. >> we have been here a half an hour. >> finally a fan from wisconsin. but he lives in bakersfield. >> go pack go. >> most of the cheering will be from 49ers fans like this pair from iowa. it is their first time here, but won't be their last. >> i got season tickets for the new stadium for 40 years. >> and then they will be passed on to our kids. >> you do not live here. >> right. we are going to travel out for every home game. >> i call that a super fan. everyone i met has tickets for the game. >> pretty good seats. >> row one end zone. we are ready for the rambo league. >> a word of warning though to watch out for counterfeits. the only way to guarantee the authenticity of a ticket is to buy it from a reputable vendor. officially the game is sold out. the 49ers are talking about resale websites. i was so blown away about by that guy that bought season tickets for noter -- for 40 years that i forgot to get his name. you don't live here. but he will be coming back year after year and
Jan 23, 2013 4:00am PST
was not authorized. also, as target plans to open its first store in canada this spring, walmart has a canadian expansion plan underway. boeing is assuring customers it has the fix to its dreamliner problems. the company said recent battery problems that grounded all 787 dreamliners should not disrupt the delivery schedule of new 787s. that's according to a report by reuters. scandanavian airline 'norwegian air shuttle' got the notification this week from boeing, which said deliveries will be on schedule for april. president obama is expected to go along with a debt limit measure being considered by the house. the house plans a vote today on a measure that puts the debt limit increase on pause until may, but allows the country to continue paying its bills. in the senate, democratic and republican leaders are hinting at getting down to the real business of pounding out a budget. "not a single piece of important legislation can pass the senate or become law without the votes of both democrats and republicans. so we'll be willing to compromise and work with our colleagues across the aisle." "if we
Jan 7, 2013 2:00am PST
the cold air dominated all of the way down from canada. the jet stream really flipped. about 66% of the peak. the white line shows you where the snow line is. we're still locked in here in the northern plains, great lakes and the northeast. we'll melt a lot of that this week. the weather patterns have flipped completely. the cold air is locked up in canada. this southerly jet stream is going to pump some of the milder air into the northeast. we'll see temperatures well above average all week. the only problem we could have the severe weather in texas, as we go through tuesday, from houston to brownsville. as far as the forecast goes, it's a cool, chilly morning, you need your jackets and gloves. this afternoon, enjoy this. upper 40s through the midwest. this is not normal, this could be one of the warmer weeks we'll see this month. >> thanks so much, bill. >>> a big foreclosure deal, a google exec heads to china. >>> plus, britain's prince charles opens up about royal fatherhood and his future grandchildren. you're watching msnbc. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. bu
Jan 10, 2013 2:00am PST
nations includes those in europe, canada and japan. americans die younger from obesity and other diseases and are more likely to be murdered or killed in a car crash. however, the u.s. fares better with cancer rates. >>> in colorado the preliminary hearing for aurora movie theater shooter james holmes has ended. on wednesday, prosecutors presented some disturbing images of holmes that he took just before the shooting. nbc's leann gregg reports from centennial. >> reporter: the defense team bowed out from presenting evidence. the abrupt ending to the hearing comes after three days after compelling prosecution evidence. cell phone pictures that holmes took of himself before the shootings. smiling with a muzzle of a glock handgun in the frame. >> he looked very, just evil and he just sat in the courtroom pretty much delighted. >> reporter: evidence of the horrifying moments from the 911 cull when 30 gunshots could be heard during the call. they outlined how holmes spent weeks preparing for the attack. now, the next step in the legal process, a trial with a possibility of the death penalty or
Jan 11, 2013 7:00pm PST
for the rights of indigenous people in canada. at the forefront is one woman chief. she has been on hunger strike for more than a month, demanding the government pay more attention to her community's needs. >> inside a wooden stockade, she refuses solid food for more than a month. in her first public appearance in days, she said the canadian government is not showing her people the respected deserve. >> it is important to renew this relationship. this government has been abusing us, raping the land. >> this is the movement inspired by it theresa spence. their campaign has left canada recently and demonstrations to block rail lines and border crossings. they want to complete self- government for nations groups. like the occupied movement that started in the u.s., it is making meeting with the government a challenge. >> they express a generalized anger and frustration. perfectly understandable, completely justified. for progress to be made in the political process, it takes a leader with specific demands that can be examined or not. >> not all of the representatives went to the meeting. some agreei
Jan 20, 2013 2:00pm PST
, this remains an essentially french operation, but with new offers of transport planes coming from canada, the long-awaited african force may start taking shape. >> in syria, reports of heavy fighting in the capital of damascus. this video shows rocket hitting the suburbs. forces have been trying to recapture the area for nearly two months. these pictures show saw -- show fighters as they capture a government military base near the airport. rebels say they seized anti- aircraft guns, tanks and heavy artillery. >> if you refuse to ormuz, we will arm ourselves with our patients and resistance. we will be victorious. >> opposition activists say government forces are using a new kind of missile -- is silent and has the ability to cause significant damage because no one has time to run for cover. we have a report now. >> in a village high in the mountains, the talk was of the new weapon being used by the government. this is the huge crater the missile created just next to a school housing dozens of refugees. >> we were asleep at about 11:00 when we heard an enormous explosion -- enormous explo
Jan 15, 2013 9:00am PST
columbia, canada. there was a high avalanche risk thanks to warming temperatures in the snow pack and we're seeing those avalanches in this video look like a giant explosion. >> sweet lord. >> they are controlled explosions that they trigger to sort of lessen the dangers out there in areas like this. >> oh. >> it looks like ocean waves crashing against rock. >> i'm thinking the same thing. it hits and, poof, turns into snow clouds t. did close down highways. george is traveling along with some experts who were able to tell him where he could stand and where he couldn't stand during something like this. in the video you can actually hear their vehicle rev up as the explosions of snow get closer and closer to them to get out of the path of danger. >> i'm just happy they didn't stall. >> sweet lord. oh! >>> sailing on a luxury yacht is normally considered a nice, relaxing pastime, but here you see the 45-foot chow in the indian ocean thinking. the bow is dipping into the water. part of a sailing rally, and they started to take on water. the husband hadal felt the rudder underneath the yacht
Jan 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
. snow showers can be found across south eastern canada. conditions are not too bad across the west coast today, but the next system is moving in from the pacific. temperatures across the u.s. and canada are looking like this. minus 7 in winnipeg. houston with a high of 9 degrees. new york city at 2 degrees. let's go over to europe. wet and windy across poland and the baltic space. we'll show you the figures in just a moment. conditions will get deteriorating across central europe. there's a new system coming in from the north. temperatures are quite warm. 12 degrees in paris and 11 degrees in london. here is the extended forecast. >> that's all for this edition of "newsline." thanks t thanks for joining us.
Jan 4, 2013 11:30am PST
of the institute for citizenship and disabilities, she became a recognized expert in canada. for developing social networks, social innovation, citizenship, and turning around the world of those that are disabled. she is the founder and ceo of of the personal network. she has been focusing her skills best to deliver personal networks,, she has done a tremendous amount of things. she has done so many things, i need a calculator to add them all up. the idea is that she is an expert on building personal networks and coming up with things that will work for you that will change your lives. give a warm welcome to vicki camack. [applause] >> good morning, everyone. what an amazing venue to hold this event, i have already seen a wedding here. i thought that only happened in movies. what an incredible city that you live in. the division of people who are putting something together where san francisco will be the most connected city in the world. the force behind what they are putting together, when they talk about connections for everyone, they really mean everyone. there are true inspiration for me, fell
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